Vahst store operates with integrity and transparency, we strive to work with brands that share the same values and commitment. These standards are fundamental to our stores operations and we will continue to work on our sustainable journey. In doing so, it is our responsibility to partner with brands that hold themselves accountable to the same mission.  

Vahst store was founded on four principles; design, sustainability, integrity and longevity. We encourage timeless design and seek the opportunity to educate individuals on the value of quality over quantity. We are committed to the social and environmental responsibility we hold and aspire to use this platform as a means of integrity to the brands and relationships we present.

We admire innovation and focus on a brands origin to design. Engaging consumers to be conscious and accountable to their selections and it is our endeavour to produce an ethical presence that captures a modern lifestyle.

Our commitment will evolve as we continue to educate ourselves and others, we will always strive to use this platform for positive change. Our fundamental values are anchored by people and the planet. We actively seek solutions for a more sustainable and brighter future.