Knickerbocker NYC was launched in 2013 to create a modern menswear line that is steeped in the roots of classic American style. Knickerbocker started with the acquisition of their very own factory in NY that continues to produce a portion of their items. They also work in partnership with a select few high quality factories and suppliers scattered across specialty regions in Europe. Portugal, USA, Italy and Japan form Knickerbockers' supply chain network.

Designs are inspired by foregone Hollywood eras and American subcultures, but must be produced with utility, longevity and sustainability in mind.

Sustainability & Ethics

Knickerbocker place a premium on textile sourcing and construction methods. They maintain their own production facility which enables them to form strong relationships with family run factories in reputable areas. Products have transparent material milling locations attached and locations of fabrication. Knickerbocker make apparel that lasts with methods that will allow future generations to enjoy it.

Knickerbocker is a brand on the rise, that strives to create items to be genuinely cherished for a long time. 

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