Velvet Canyon

Mannequin — Eco Tort

$223 $321

It felt like fate, the first time you saw her; yelling at the taxi to stop and let you out; you knew if you passed this moment up you may never get another chance. Gazing up through the glass, she wore the most perfect dress you’ve ever seen, satin folds wrapping her up like a lover. But what held your gaze was higher up: the sunglasses; subtly jewel shaped with a certain something you can’t name but had you running through traffic to get to them. Introducing ‘Mannequin’— the frames you’ve been searching your whole life for.


100% Bio Acetate Renew Frame
Velvet Canyon Gold Toned Logo on Temple
Gold Toned Stainless Steel Detailing
Bio Nylon Category 3 Lenses
UV400, 100% Protection From UVA and UVB
Frame Width 138mm (5.4”), Nose Bridge 20mm (0.8”)
Vegan Leather Pouch & Cleaning Cloth


1. Avoid excessive heat - never leave in a hot car & avoid direct sunlight when storing.

2. Clean with water or a gentle lens solution & microfiber cloth.

3. Store safely in vc pouch to avoid scratches.

4. To keep the shape, avoid wearing on your head.

5. Don’t get salty - rinse well if you just can’t help yourself.

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