A destination store that supplies with intent to men and women, educates individuals on ethical fashion and showcases apparel to last the test of time.   

Our ethos is educational and considered. We are a modern lifestyle company with a commitment to long term sustainability, we encourage timeless design and seek the opportunity to educate individuals on ethical practices. We are committed to the social and environmental responsibility we hold, aspiring to use our platform as a means of integrity to the brands and relationships we present.

With the endeavour to invest in styles that last a lifetime and not to become obsolete with a change in season. The concept is to buy with intent, encourage circular fashion and take part in the fashion revolution. We are dedicated to inhabiting responsible business practices and work alongside our partners to achieve sustainable solutions.

We operate with integrity and transparency, striving to work with brands that share our values and commitment. These standards are fundamental to our stores operations and we will continue to work on our sustainable journey.  

This is vahst store and we supply for the modern wo/man.