Velvet Canyon

Beatniks — Havana


It’s one of those sweltering summer afternoons. You see her there, standing under a streetlamp. It’s getting dark but she’s wearing shades anyway. She tosses her hair over her shoulder, brings a cigarette to her lips and looks you in the eyes, “ You look like you could burn, burn, burn like roman candles across the night.” A devil's smile, but a heart of gold. She’s a beatnik, baby, ain’t nothin’ gonna get a girl like that down.


Width 142mm / 5.6” • Height 39mm / 1.5” • Bridge 20mm / 0.8”

Lens Category 3 • UV400 • 100% UV Protection


1. Avoid excessive heat - never leave in a hot car & avoid direct sunlight when storing.

2. Clean with water or a gentle lens solution & microfiber cloth.

3. Store safely in vc pouch to avoid scratches.

4. To keep the shape, avoid wearing on your head.

5. Don’t get salty - rinse well if you just can’t help yourself.

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