Velvet Canyon

Snake Eyes — Eco Tort

$150 $289

The dangerous game, the rush of the thrill. You’re walking through the Casino de Monte Carlo, turning heads. Your martini arrives just in time, as you sit down for a private game. You peek out at the crowd from behind your glasses, keep it cool. They’ll play by your rules. Your opponent rolls the die.. you smile. It’s your lucky night.


Width 138mm / 5.4” • Height 42mm / 1.7” • Bridge 20mm / 0.8”

Lens Category 2 • UV400 • 100% UV Protection


1. Avoid excessive heat - never leave in a hot car & avoid direct sunlight when storing. 

2. Clean with water or a gentle lens solution & microfiber cloth. 

3. Store safely in vc pouch to avoid scratches. 

4. To keep the shape, avoid wearing on your head. 

5. Don’t get salty - rinse well if you just can’t help yourself.

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